JO – 3889 Assembly-Transducer Tech

Seeking candidate to fill a Assembly-Transducer Tech (Electro/Mechanical) position.

 ($23.00 – $24.00/hour)

1st shift (4 ten hour days)

(Direct hire/Permanent)

 Primary Objective:
To apply knowledge and skills of strain gage based transducer theory, operation, construction, testing and measurement to the development, manufacture, and troubleshooting of transducers. An individual will generally be focused in manufacturing oriented activities.


AA degree, 2 yr Vo-Tech certificate or equivalent military training in Electronics, Mechanics or Hydraulics or 4 yrs assembly or technical experience in the above including soldering & small-scale or precision assemblies.

Must understand & apply basic electro-mechanical technologies applicable to the job focus; electrical schematics; wire routing & layout; effective soldering technique; effects of strain on gages, components & assembly; adhesive bonding & sealing techniques; electrical & mechanical measurement; controllers, data acquisition; basic product quality.

Major Areas of Accountability:
1. Manufacture and perform functional tests on standard and custom strain gage based transducers utilizing engineering prints, work instructions and standard department procedures.

2. Utilize resources to troubleshoot and solve problems in manufacturing caused by design, documentation, processes, materials, and equipment.
– Knowledge
– Peers
– Senior Technician(s)
– Literature
– Production Team Lead (PTL)
– Manufacturing Engineer or Engineers(s)

3. Maintain manufacturing records and process documentation.
– Transducer-specific manufacturing records, (database)
– Process instructions
– Identify changes to engineering prints

4. Provide technical support in new product development and continuing improvement projects.
– Build prototypes with limited documentation
– Resolve technical issues as appropriate for the project, i.e. layout, wiring, fixtures, etc.
– Determine processes and techniques to maximize quality, accuracy, and efficiency
– Recommend fixtures and assist in their design
– Identify process and equipment constraints, recommend and implement solutions
– Estimate operation times

5. Design, manage, perform and document strain gage and transducer related engineering experiments.  Provide technical support to other departments.

  1. – Special strain gauging or calibration projects
    – Prototype products
    – Strain gauge and various transducer training

    7. Maintain open lines of communication with PTL, Operations Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, peers and interdependent departments.
    – Keep Operations Manager and team members informed of progress, problems and changes in products and processes
    – Effectively communicate design and process improvement ideas
    – Communicate concerns about personal development, scheduling, product quality and morale

    8. Maintain personal conduct appropriate to the work place and position.
    – Behave in a professional manner, maintaining a separation between work issues and personal issues.
    – Work as a team member, integrating and coordinating ideas and strengths of all team members
    – Address personal and professional issues in a timely manner
    – Maintain a cooperative relationship with team members and support groups
    – Maintain an orderly and safe work area to include 5S methods daily

    9. Manage time to maximize productivity, meet route times, and delivery requirements, maintaining high quality standards. Manage concurrent projects and responsibilities to achieve all requirements and meet all deadlines.

    10. Perform other duties as assigned.



Desired Computer Skills:
Temporary Contract Position:
Salary Range:
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