JO – 4040 Shop Manager

Job Description: Shop Manager

As our Shop Manager, you develop and manage methods for monitoring safety, quality, productivity and delivery. You effectively balance your time between office work and being physically present to assist with Machining challenges on the shop floor. You routinely communicate with other members of the Leadership Team to ensure priorities and expectations are aligned.  Your day may start out with review of job status and check in with your team. You monitor load versus capacity by function and develop both short and long term plans to meet demands. You are responsible for performance of the machining team and routinely manage this through daily huddles, one on one meetings, performance evaluations, positive recognition and following up on issues that arise.  You effectively use technology tools to measure results of these actions and make adjustments based on data. You align improvements with a documented process and drive standardization of best practices. You collaborate with other Operational Leaders to identify meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (ex. Meeting shop due dates, Billable %, shop expenditures) and promote understanding within your team. It is critical to ensure transparency in expectations and that the team is driving toward continuous improvement.  You effectively balance the day to day responsibilities of your position with expectations of all managers including review of safety incidents, demonstrating ROI for capital expenditures, developing training tools and partnering with HR in the staffing process.

The typical schedule would be Monday – Friday from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm with some flexibility. This position typically requires 45+ hours a week in the office to be successful.

Responsibilities• Coordinate projects to ensure proper completion of all projects effectively and efficiently.• Direct crew employees in the to ensure proper production of all products.• Assign work to specific employees based on their skills and abilities to maximize productivity.• Ensure all employees are performing their assigned duties to their maximum potential.• Communicate closely with Project Managers, shop leads, and other employees to ensure all aspects of the job run smoothly.• Work closely with the shop leads to ensure proper scheduling, completion of projects, and material issues.• Other Duties as Assigned• Attend Daily Assembly Team calls• Perform Annual employee reviews, along with HR (HR would request/gather info layout review for you to review/approve)• Approve Employee PTO requests (While keeping enough staff to keep projects flowing)• Assist the Inspection Department when non conforming parts come up• Track/know status of all parts/jobs in the shop• Prioritize/distribute jobs in BOTH PC and VH shops• Train staff on CNC’s and set up• Programming• Assist Staff with programming of difficult parts

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