JO – 6238 Engineering Manager

Summary:  Oversee and manage the planners and engineers at (redacted). This company is a custom contract metal manufacturing company. Applicant must have a background in metal manufacturing, specifically in sheet metal fabrication. Must be confident in reading, reviewing and interpreting blueprints and CAD files.

Key Responsibilities and Duties Include:


·         Coach, train and mentor planners and designers

Ø  Utilize the processes, work flows and work instructions established in the QMS to train and manage direct reports. Ensure adherence to the processes, and look for opportunities for improvement.

Ø  Work with the planners and designers to motivate and encourage a team atmosphere and a cohesive group.

Ø  Encourage ownership of orders and output of work.  This may include enforcing accountability for each individual on the team.

Ø  When applicable using real life illustration, show a planner how to follow-up on open po’s to outside vendor through emails and phone calls.

Ø  Create an atmosphere that empowers the employees with a “can do attitude.”

Ø  Motivate the employees to set a higher standard in quality and timeliness in completing orders/jobs.

Ø  Establish open lines of communication between the team and encourage interaction and rapport building between the office and production.

Performance reviews:

Ø  Yearly conduct performance reviews.

Ø  Utilize the tracking system to keep weekly logs on each employee’s work.  The logs should possess both positive and negative performance of all employees and should be tracked objectively and consistently.

Ø  Give employees continuous feedback to encourage growth, further potential and accountability

Ø  Help individuals create goals and follow up monthly to assess progress and to set new goals.

Ø  Encourage participation in the continuous improvement program.

Process Documentation:

·         Help improve processes for QMS.

Ø  Some of the items that this may include will be: job packets, routers, drawings, tolerances, title blocks, checklists, Epicor systems for setting up jobs, DXF’s, electronic filing systems, work instructions etc.


·         Establish open dialogue with the individuals that report directly to you as all other employees within the company.

·         Answer all emails within 24 hours of receipt, but all should be answered within 15 minutes when at the computer.

·         Ability to perform both verbal and written disciplinary action for employees that report directly to you.  Involve HR or                  controller when action is necessary.  All action both verbal and written must be documented.

·         Work daily with the fabrication supervisor, operations manager and the scheduler on status of orders as needed.

·         Daily follow-up with planners and designers:

Ø  Find out how their orders are going that they are working on

Ø  Status of open purchase orders to outside services

Ø  Shipment status of items that are on the backlog

·         Management of jobs

Ø  Work with the shop and scheduler to ensure on time delivery for high priority orders. Encourage the team to proactively communicate when issues arise.

·         Expedite

Ø  Follow up on orders/jobs and keep necessary individuals in the loop

Ø  In the event of delay in delivery – respond immediately to the customer letting them know the status

Tracking and Visibility System:

·         Utilize a system that allows you to track and visibly see how each planner is accomplishing his/her daily goals.

·         Utilize a drafting schedule to keep individuals on task as well as delegate new tasks.

·         Conduct morning meetings with Designers and Planners to assign responsibility of necessary tasks when needed.

Ø  This will include following up on prior day’s progress and coordination of orders

·         Perform weekly audits of orders/jobs for each direct report. This includes job audits covering

Ø  All checklists completed, signed

Ø  Verify all items on checklist are completed

Ø  Print has a peer review completed (if new or changed)

Ø  Review router for accuracy

Ø  Review comments/notes

Ø  Review material amounts, part standards, etc.

Ø  Review job timeline dashboard to see how long job was in the office before release (1-3 days for repeats, 5 days for new parts)

Ø  Updates have been made to workbench

Ø  Cost meets estimated margin threshold


Sales and Customer Relationships

·         Work with current key customer accounts for the purpose of creating a relationship and report with them.

Ø  Communicate any potential issues to the controller and president when necessary

Ø  Ask for additional projects or commitments when necessary

Ø  Work with customers to fix issues and problems as necessary


Desired Computer Skills:
Temporary Contract Position:
Salary Range:
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