How to show an employer what you can do

Have you heard the phrase that a picture is worth one thousand words? Think about how that phrase can apply to your next job interview.

At MDS Staffing we’ve placed many candidates in the architectural field. One of the best things an architectural candidate can do to prove his or her job capabilities is to bring a portfolio to the interview. Often an employer will ask a question about the candidates abilities and the candidate can refer to their portfolio to reinforce that they’ve accomplished what the employer is concerned about.

What kind of work can you bring to an interview to help your cause? Examples of writing, accounting, power point, graphic design, online website, or even professional references are all ways to prove your abilities in a particular niche.

Yesterday we had an engineer who specialized in the energy and solar fields provide an email attachment to the company where he just interviewed. The attachment was an elaborate energy audit that he researched and documented. This document was a near perfect example showing the employer that his experience met their needs.

For your next interview ask yourself, “What can I show this employer that proves I’m the right person for the job?” This way you’re not just telling the employer that you can meet their needs, you’re showing them this is the case. Just like the lawyer says on your favorite legal TV show, “It’s hard to dispute the evidence .”

Tim Cotroneo is a freelance writer and an Account Manager at MDS Staffing

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