Holidays are a Great Time to Get Hired

So you are without a job and you’re assuming the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are a terrible time to get hired. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Here at MDS Staffing, we annually see a boost in new hires during the month of December. We can only assume that companies evaluate their budgets and positions where they are thin during this time of year. What better time to add talent than after January 1.

Your personal employment situation and attitude should have nothing to do with the time of year. When Jack Nicklaus, the greatest golfer of all time, used to play in one of golf’s major tournaments, he felt he had a huge edge. He believed that 80 percent of the playing field thought they didn’t have what it takes to win a major. Your philosophy in your job search should be the same way. Believe that you are taking steps when others have thrown in the towel.

One more job hunting morsel to help put you over the top. We regularly speak with candidates who have gone through a dry spell finding a job and then receive two job offers within 24 hours. Life can be a feast of famine proposition. Believe it, you’ll have one or possibly two job offers when your job hunting competition is watching reruns of Dr. Phil on television.

It’s the holidays. Think of it as a jolly time of year for employers hiring and you receiving the job you deserve!!

Tim Cotroneo

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