Judging a New Candidate

I once asked a Chef what he looked for when making a new hire. His reply had very little to do with culinary skills. He said he’d be spending a lot of his time with this new teammate and he... Continue reading →

Should Resume Be More Than One Page?

So you picked up the best selling novel you've been hearing about. You read the first page and it draws you in. The characters are lively, the plot is intense, and this appears to be just the kind of book... Continue reading →

Think Like an Employer

So you've just arranged for an interview and you're wondering how to prepare. Take a deep breath, a step back and put yourself in the place of an employer. One of the employment industry's greatest secrets is this: The person... Continue reading →

Holidays are a Great Time to Get Hired

So you are without a job and you're assuming the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are a terrible time to get hired. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Here at MDS Staffing, we annually see a boost in new hires during the month of... Continue reading →

Phone 101: When An Employer Calls

Have you ever spoken to someone on the phone for the first time and created a mental image of what that person is like? This mental imagery is doubly important when dealing with employers while applying for a job. As a... Continue reading →

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