Is Your Internet Presence What You Intended?

In the staffing business, we are looking at resumes and doing Internet searches constantly. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t discover something that makes us wonder out loud, “Is this how this candidate really wanted to be portrayed?”

Job Board Mistakes

We regularly find simple spelling mistakes attached to a person’s name on several of the major job boards. Glaring examples include not knowing how to spell the name of the job they’ve been working at for several years. Another example is not proofing the objective line at the top of a resume. A classic true example is a recent candidate who indicated he was seeking “a mentally challenged position.”

Facebook Disaster

While doing research on a candidate, we were alarmed to see that his Facebook page had dozens of references to his drinking exploits. This was an entry level candidate who had little or no job experience to help present himself in a positive light. Do you really want employers to know how you carry on after hours?

Email Neglect

Too often we receive emails from candidates that are littered with spelling or grammatical errors. We place the bulk of our candidates in positions where attention to detail is tops on an employer’s preference list. If a candidate is careless writing a email brief paragraph, how does that translate as to how they represent themselves on the job?

The moral of this story is try to give some consideration as to how you wish to present yourself with an employer, a search and staffing firm, or a first time acquaintance. The extra care you devote today could translate into a better job tomorrow.

Tim Cotroneo/ MDS Staffing

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