Should Resume Be More Than One Page?

So you picked up the best selling novel you’ve been hearing about. You read the first page and it draws you in. The characters are lively, the plot is intense, and this appears to be just the kind of book you hoped for.

You turn the page and the book stops. You scratch your head and say, “I want more.” Why is the author being such a minimalist?

The same philosophy could be true when writing or reading resumes. What is too much and what is too little?

When is it okay to include more than a page?
My personal belief is that if a candidate has worked for more than five years, it’s almost impossible to keep your resume to only one page. You definitely want to avoid information overload. Then again, if there is a valuable bullet point regarding your experience or skill capabilities, then share this with your future employer.

If you’re an entry-level candidate, then a one page resume makes sense. For those candidates with a wealth of experience, a two or even three page resume has merit. Just try to avoid redundancy.

Think of your resume as a best selling novel. Keep the reader involved and give them what they want. The reader will hopefully tell their friends about you…. or at least the person making the hiring decision.

Tim Cotroneo
MDS Staffing

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