Think Like an Employer

So you’ve just arranged for an interview and you’re wondering how to prepare. Take a deep breath, a step back and put yourself in the place of an employer.

One of the employment industry’s greatest secrets is this: The person doing the interview wants to hire you!!! The last thing an employer wants to do is see the hiring process drag out indefinitely. They want you to be the right person for the job.

Rather than being the candidate, what if you were the person doing the interview? What would you look for in a perfect hire?

Someone who is dependable– What if you could tell the interviewer you had perfect or near perfect attendance at your last position?

Someone who is easy to get along with– What if you had one or two work references who would sincerely say that you rarely rocked the boat or were one of those people who always went beyond his or her job description?

Someone with the skills pertinent to the company or industry- What if you were proactive in picking up the computer skills or industry certifications that were the latest and greatest in your chosen field?

Someone with a portfolio that represented that you can do the job– What if you had specific examples of your capabilities? When the interviewer brings up one of the key attributes they are seeking in their new hire, you can show them, rather them tell them that you can do this special something.

Yes, it’s a plus if your next job is fulfilling and meets most of your career criteria. What’s doubly critical is if you can convey that meeting the employer’s needs are important to you.

Think like a furniture sales person when preparing for your interview. In other words, what would it be like to sit in the interviewer’s chair? Make the interview as comfortable as their favorite recliner and you could be walking out the door with an offer sheet.

Tim Cotroneo

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